The Vaccines are boring


Does anyone like the Vaccines? Because im pretty sure we can mostly all agree that they are quite boring and quite repetitive. So why did their second album ‘Come of Age’ get to number 1 on the UK Album Chart?  Yer that did happen.

I should like the Vaccines, they are targeted at me.  They are indie, British and talk about some random social dilemma of the current day.  But wow they really are the most boring band to come out of the UK since brace yourself…Coldplay, yes Coldplay.  In fact I’d much happily listen to Coldplay then the Vaccines any day.  I mean at least Coldplay had one guy that we could call a prick, even if we hated him he was something.  But with the Vaccines who can you hate, no one because no one knows who they are.  Does anyone know the name of a single band member; has any one even seen them off stage?  They really have no personality; they lack any controversy and are just so boring.  You will hear that a lot.

The songs are possibly the most repetitive thing since Dave started to rebroadcast old Top Gear episodes.  It’s the same repetitive tune after another.  Albums full of songs you can’t tell apart.  The vocals by *looks up google* Justin Young are pretty dull, from all the songs his vocals stay the same seeming eerily unhuman.  Maybe that’s a good thing, but it lacks life an emotion like when you mess around with a Siri and it never gets angry just constant emotionless speech.

Im probably just annoyed I was never alive in the punk era and I never existed in the 80s, but come on be controversial.  They lack any controversy at all, if you’re arguably the biggest indie band in Britian and you haven’t made a song about how the Queens the devil and the conservatives are a bunch of pompous arses then you are missing the point of being a British rock star.

I think the thing about them is they seem too safe.  They seem too clean cut, too friendly most annoyingly being the band Radio 1 uses to “reach to the indie masses”.  They have a “posh” background but that’s no reason to have such a dull sound.  Other bands are quite posh and get away with it look at Everything Everything.

I could be coming off to harsh here but im kind of disappointed that bands like the Vaccines get attention when so many lively and brilliant bands go unnoticed.  I think we’re just in a bit of a low at the moment as British Music is concerned.  Just as a side note, im really not looking forward to this year’s Brit Awards.


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