The Brits 2013


The Brits went off without any problems at all.  Some would say it was a “live” television success for many involved in the show. There we’re no outbursts, no one cut off in the middle of a speech, all performances went on without hitches and most importantly it was in no way controversial.

So was this the worst Brits ever?

This is British music at the moment, no fun, no controversy and immensely boring.  The Brits should be out of control, crazy and should make us proud of British music.  Instead we were left with an empty feeling thinking that we’d lost our rock and roll. Embarrassingly the only worth watching bit was when Dave Grohl made what was an awkward cameo appearance.  Oh and he’s American if you didn’t already know.

So what were the highlights?   Well err there was that moment when I think there was some singing.  There was definitely some singing.  There is nothing to take from the Brits, so we get a few performances that’s it.  The awards have run there course and are now nothing more than a way for advertisers to get money.  The only way people can become interested in the Brits is if it relaxes more.  Let’s admit it, we all wanted to see One Direction off their heads on lemonade but they were too calm and boring.  It’s as if the Brits are embarrassed of their former self and they want to start new page, like a recovering alcoholic. And to be honest drunken people are much more fun to hang round with then sober people.

So the Ben Howard situation.  It was quite clear that it wasn’t a great year just from seeing the nominations for all the awards. In past years the likes of Ed Sheeran (who as a singer for teenage girls still seems a half decent guy), Arctic Monkeys (who i should like more…but i don’t) and Oasis (who are just amazing) have won the newcomer award.  The difference with them and Ben Howard is that at least some people knew them before they were mainstream, no one actually knows Ben Howard and it’s unlikely he will go as popular or as mainstream as the rest.  We have enough solo male guitar singers and i don’t think everyone ones another, just gets repetitive.  And the fact he won best male too?!  This is an award won by the likes of David Bowie, Paul Weller and yes Robbie Williams (despite being a cock is a bloody good entertainer).

Maybe its just British music taking a rest for a bit, or more likely the people who give out the awards just really like guys who play acoustic guitars.


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