I (used to) like Coldplay

There’s a secret that I’ve had for many years, it’s embarrassing and I am ashamed of my former self.  I had to go through some tough times holding this secret for many years without giving away anything to anyone in fear for my safety.   It’s about time I come out and say it to the world.  I (used to) like Coldplay.

Coldplay are a decent band to some but to those who want to seem “cool” and critical they are incredibly boring, repetitive and annoying.  To be honest they are but, the inner me just really likes them, well the old them.  To a lot of people the new Coldplay with the more cheery and upbeat tunes including collaborations with Rihanna are a huge improvement on the old Coldplay.  They have really taken themselves into a new direction since the release of “Mylo Xyloto” winning many awards and gaining some critical praise from those who disliked them before the album.

Surprisingly I really like the early stuff and really detest the new album.  Old Coldplay are depressing but that’s why I like them, yes okay every song sounded the same but it still sounded good and made me want to listen more.  The early stuff like “Rush of Blood to the Head” is so emotional and astonishing if any other band had written and performed it they’d be getting huge amounts of praise.  It’s vastly different to the likes of “Princess in China” and “Every tear is a Waterfall” in every single way showing how much the band has changed in the space of 9 years.

I was actually excited for the release of Mylo Xyloto, it was the first time I had really been excited for a band to release a new album and I’d been listening to Coldplay most of my life.  But when I listened to it my heart sank, honestly I was upset at the new Coldplay album, which is a phrase I don’t think anyone has ever said.

The album was too in your face, I could listen to Coldplay and fall asleep (not in the way that they’re boring which many people would say) but now I would be in a club and end up hearing Coldplay.  Would anyone actually be thinking they would play a Coldply song in a club 10 years ago?  They have redefined themselves again getting success and critical acclaim with it.  However the old Coldplay fans are left in the cold wondering what happened to the band they used to love.



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