North Korea :D


North Korea is the kid in the corner who no one speaks to but is one day going to go crazy and kill everyone they run into.   It’s just a matter of time until the big kid Kim-Jong Un goes crazy with power and nukes anything he can.  Unfortunately for him North Korean nukes aren’t hugely successful and staging an attack he is likely to kill his own people, though he’s very used to the torture and death of his people anyway.

The peace agreement between the North and South has been abolished which basically means they can start fighting again.  Why did North Korea do this?  Well what else are they for.  North Korea is the world’s entertainment, we don’t know what they’ll do next and its amusing seeing a country making all these threats to the rest of the world, it’s like a Danny Devito kicking Jaws from James Bond in the shins.

Dennis Rodmans attempts to make peace with North Korea seemed to have failed.   Though it’s an amazing achievement that he got anywhere close to him.  It was as if Quentin Tarantino had directed Space Jam and Dennis Rodman had to take on the whole North Korean Army in a game of basketball to save the earth.   Unfortunately it wasn’t as cool as that and we just got a few pictures of Dennis Rodman looking very out of place in a crowd of North Korean clones.  Though he did end up becoming best pals with the leader, unfortunately they never had a one vs one on the court, would have been a chance to see the “Great Leader” show off his immense basketball powers.

I really can’t tell if the North Koreans are really serious this time, they have a long history of threats against the world but they have never kept to their word.  But with the media hype and the whole nuke threat thing it all seems that we are heading….FOR WAR!

“That’s it Chris its war, war has broken out, THIS IS A WAR, THAT’S IT, THIS IS WAR!!!!” – The Day Today (1994)

If war does happen it may be quite a colossal event, the North will attack the South there is no doubt there but the question is who else is involved?  China agreed to the sanctions on North Korea however they are more allies with them then they are with the US.  So don’t immediately expect it to be the World vs North Korea some countries might actually back them up for some reason.  So we might head into a World War and maybe a whole end of the world thing.

Although it might be a chance to get a sequel to Team America so it isn’t all doom and gloom.


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