RIP Being Human

BBC3’s biggest and most accomplished show has come to an end.  After 5 seasons the cult British comedy horror has said its final goodbye after a huge climatic finale.

The story of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in a house in Cardiff with each other caught the attention of many.  It wasn’t just a horror it dealt with social issues like drug abuse and depression but also had a warmth and charm that no other show could replicate.   The first 3 series were about the characters George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell (Aidian Turner); the relationship between the 3 was incredible.  You could really see the characters connect and you felt like you could relate to them easily.

Every single character seemed interesting, they all had and fascinating story and background which viewers wanted to know more.  Each episode was packed with emotion, tension and blood; it was entertainment at its best. Hour long episodes didn’t seem enough, the viewer wanted more, the story never got old and the plot twisted like Nemesis at Alton towers.

The main plot is them trying to be as human as possible moulding into the normal world despite their problems. It was also very exciting and gory; it was an incredible horror film with bumps around every corner and plenty of gory scenes of blood and violence.  It was a horror, comedy, drama and action all rolled into one.

It also made vampires cool again, ever since the near death of the vampire genre by Twilight vampires have been seen as a joke.  It was only until the likes of Being Human did vampires become the incredibly scary and frightening monsters they are.  Being human has the vampires mauling people on trains and once again making them seem pure evil.

Despite a huge cast change half way through, the show continued to have a huge success and became a cult favourite.   The show also made the careers of many actors and actresses including Aidian Turner who’s in the hobbit, Russell Tovey who stared in Sherlock and Lenora Crichlow who was recently in Charlie Brookers’ Black Mirror.

It’s incredibly sad to see such a great show go.  This was original British BBC 3 drama to be proud off and to give it such a crude stake in the heart seems a bit wrong.



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