Britpop is dead


In 1995 if anyone had claimed that in 18 years’ time Noel Gallagher would duet alongside Damon Albarn they would have been taken to a Mental Asylum and most likely been beaten up by everyone in the country.

The Oasis man Gallagher once claimed that he wished Blur’s Albarn would “get AIDS and die”, while Albarn had responded: “I can’t make up with Noel”. But the Oasis legend who also famously parodied ‘Parklife’ changing it to “sausages” when receiving a Brit Award sang alongside the Blur front man in what is Blurs’ equivalent to ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Tender’.

This has finally ended BritPop for good, the two heavy weights in British music in the 90s have finally made peace and the Blur vs Oasis war can finally end after 20 long years.  The sensational duet was performed on stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust series of concerts, curated by Gallagher.

To any teenager of the 90s this must have blown their mind.  Not only was it Damon, Graham and Noel singing Tender but also the great Paul Weller was on drums.  This is very much Britpop fan porn.

In 1995 it was the famous “Battle of Britpop” the Northern working class (Oasis) and the Southern middle class (Blur) were spitting hate and death threats at each other as the battle for number one intensified.   Blur won out but it was Oasis who would take the glory later on succeeding in America.  Fast forward 18 years and now you see the two enemies’ friends in what seems a fantastic way to officially end Britpop.

Though you could say Liam might have something to say about this.   I don’t think you could ever see Liam singing a Blur song but it was always going to be Noel who would try and build bridges.  This might not be the full Oasis and Blur duet but it’s good enough for me and many others.

The concert was a fantastic occasion to settle the rivalry, Noel had joked beforehand he was going to play Tender because ‘the Chords were easy to play’ but no one thought he was serious.  It would be interesting to see if they will ever perform an Oasis cover and what would be even more exciting if they would ever do a concert dedicated to Britpop.   Though don’t expect Liam to show up.

So now Blur fans and Oasis fans can rejoice in happiness, Britpop war is over and now across the world many 30 year olds are hugging one another and holding hands in peace.  But what is most rewarding is that it’s officially acceptable to say you like both Blur and Oasis.

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2 thoughts on “Britpop is dead

  1. Great article, but the britpop battle was in fact just an invention by the press. especially NME. Sure the gallaghers hates everybody, but the press exaggerated the whole situation. Don´t know how oasis felt about this, but in recent interviews blur told that they didn´t like this “so called battle”.

    • I think the fans loved the Britpop kinda battle at the time, English people love a bit of debate and banter and it was just a bit of fun. I think the both bands knew it was over exaggerated and it was just a bit of fun and drama at the time.for everyone.

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