North Korean and Microsoft Paint

North Korea is like a TV show, it comes out with interesting stories, no one knows what to expect and it is also very good at entertaining.  So what happened in the latest episode of “Only in North Korea”?  In this weeks episode we see that the might of the Korean army photoshoped a few battleships in an attempt to raise fear into the eyes of their enemies.

In truth what they have done is added what look like a couple of small boats to a picture that still doesn’t look all that threatening.  I mean if you really want to make the West fear you photoshop a huge robotic T-Rex or a Death Star into the picture.  Adding a couple of ships really does nothing and im pretty ashamed at the North Koreans attempts.

If they think they can fool people with their use of ‘Microsoft Paint’ then imagine what we could do with our use of computer nerd teenagers.  They could do anything to make the Koreans scared.  I’m imagining a whole army of Obama Robots destroying Pyongyang, it’s a quick fire way to end the trouble there and I for one am ashamed no one has thought of the idea yet.  If the North Korean believe Kim Jong Un ascended from the Gods then they will believe anything.

North Korea is just the most exciting country ever.  It’s so unexpected, one week they have a Basketball legend visiting, the next they are failing to photoshop and another week they are waging war on the world.  Let’s be honest they won’t even get close to having a war let alone taking over the world.  I would love to see more Kim Jong  Un involvement though, I want to see him on a horse charging into battle only to be taken out within seconds.  Anything could happen there and anyone could turn up.  I would not be surprised if Big Brother changed its location there, that seems very possible now and I would very much love to see contestants try and escape a politician concentration camp. 

For now the North Koreans will keep entertaining us and I really can’t wait for the next episode.



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