Time to start writing again

I haven’t blogged for a while basically because i may have hulk smashed my computer so i have to be sneaky and use the the family computer.  Surprisingly they haven’t noticed the fact  that i never use my laptop anymore and that i have added both spotify and skype to the family computer.  I’m putting off the fact that i will have to buy a computer soon for university but with the government giving me little more then £500 for me to live on for the next year my hands are tied.

So their is my dilemma and the reason i haven’t posted for a while.  Since i last posted a lot has happened……Well by that i mean barely next to nothing.  Well their was that huge life changing moment when Spotify got the rights to start playing Pink Floyd music.  But without my laptop im basically using Spotify once every week so again thats basically pointless.

I hope to be writing a lot more soon (he lied) and i will be keeping to writing a post every week (he lied again).  I have been playing a lot of state of decay (a video game thats like GTA but imagine GTA with a mix of 28 days later) so expect me to post at least one thing about that. Also did you see Liam Gallagher on the voice, that needs a rant or two posted.


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