My Idea for the new Terminator Film which quickly became a rant on reboots and sequels

ImageAccording to The Sun Newspaper Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in a new Terminator film to be released in 2015.  Though it’s not yet clear if these will be sequels, remakes or even prequels of the already existing Terminator Films.  It would be a huge surprise and if I’m honest an upset if they decided to reboot the franchise.  It would seem dishonorable to the first two films, rebooting an already great and legendary franchise despite the huge disappointment of the 3rd and 4th films.  It would be like George Lucas rebooting Star Wars (for a moment let’s all imagine the hell of that), if you reboot a franchise audiences immediately forget the originals and the legacy they had is tarnished.  It’s no hidden secret that reboots make money, just a quick glance at how much the superhero reboots like Spiderman and Superman bring in and you can see why it’s ever so popular.

Though reboots never quite get it right, yes they mostly make a lot of profit but the films themselves never really score high with the critics.  Remakes such as Planet of the Apes, Godzilla, Arthur and other crappy remakes are the result of Company’s getting easy cash; the original films have a big following so therefore the films are guaranteed an audience.  I’m not trying to say reboots are always poor quality, Cape fear and The Departed are obvious examples of how critically  well received some reboots are, but to me it just seems the film makes aren’t trying to be original or creative.  As it’s probably well known to most people, more and more unoriginal films have been coming out.  From Superman to Star Trek films are now being based on reboots or sequels.    Maybe it’s the audiences who love to see the characters reappear on the big screen.  The Hobbit is a perfect example of how much the audience wanted something relevant to the original franchise.   The Hobbit had no reason to be made, the Lord of the Rings films could have easily sustained on its own and there was no need for a prequel.  But the fans wanted it, i must confess I loved seeing Gollum again and even Frodo who wasn’t even written in the book but I just wanted more from the films.  I as the audience wanted a prequel.  The Hobbit was an obvious hit and it was always going to be.  Examples of such films show how successful it can be making a film sequel/prequel/reboot.   So prequels, reboots, whatever it is are going to keep being made and there is little to prevent it.  They bring in profit and the majority of the audience demands it.

I have seriously gone off on what I originally planned on writing about which was ideas on the new Terminator film but fuck as always I ended up going into a rant.  Oh well another time maybe.


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