The Sun and it’s coverage of the Royals hospital Door


After my daily search on The Sun website which mostly consists of looking for any “bullshit” football transfer news, any failings in celebrities lives which is probably the most pointless of news but is just oh so good and any pictures with Kelly Brook (Yes i have no real interest for a woman who is only famous for erm “stuff” but oh my she is a Goddess of beauty).  I came across the most uninteresting, most degrading, most stupid and just incredibly shit piece of news.  The Sun are live streaming the birth of Kate Middletons Baby…  Oh its not the actual birth by the way oh no i mean sure that would be something but this is just so pathetic im ashamed i had to even watch. They are live streaming the door (at the minute the camera has tilted up and is currently looking at a blank wall) of the hospital! Is anyone their? NO, ITS A CAMERA JUST POINTING AT A DOOR!  Yes this is what it has come to.  News has become a guy with a camera looking at a door.  That’s it. Nothing else.  It stresses me that people are actually watching this, taking it seriously. Have you seen outside?  Its sunny as hell, why are people watching this??? WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?!?!  This is distressing me way too much, I extremely hate the royals as it is but we will get to that some time in the future.  But bloody hell England look at you.  You’re gormless, looking at a door that a couple of people that have no real affect in your life may/or may not walk through.

This is similar work to the North Koreans and their obsession with Kim Jong Un. God the media has gone to shit.  They do realise that in Wales over 100 people may have died from the heat wave.  But fuck em this one baby out weighs all those lives.  Its not like highlighting the news that people are dying in Wales from a heat wave is actually going to save more lives.  I mean people definitely wont pay attention and be more concerned of elders dying of heat stroke and do something to stop it.  That’s sarcasm to those who aren’t British.

The camera has tilted up again and all you can see is a freaking wall.  Fantastic piece of news by the team at The Sun.  I can see them getting awards for this.  What are they really expecting to see?  Okay so they will eventually walk through the door.  Then what?  Will it just keep rolling.  Looking at the door?  This is like something from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.  A whole nation looking at a door that will open.  It shows how incredibly important Royals are to this nation.  You wouldn’t get this much coverage of any other celebrity other then the Royals.  The Royals have never had such strong popularity, every single celebration has gone to plan and without a hitch.  A few years ago you’d never get all this positive Royal news, move on after the Wedding and Jubilee the nation and media have gone blind with Royal fever and it looks terminal.

Back to the live stream and there’s news.  The camera has zoomed into the door! AND OMG THE DOOR HAS OPENED! And its!!  A kid with a Banana t-shirt!  Close call guys!  This is intense stuff.

So that’s my rant over and now i can go back to watching the paint on my wall dry which is much more  enjoyable to watch then looking at a door.


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