The World’s End Review (Spoilers)


Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are both my favourite movies ever.  They have great humour, inventive storylines, brilliant cinematography and most importantly they are just absolutely British.  So I was desperate to love The World’s End not only because i have a stern loyalty to  Edgar Wright films but because i didn’t want the last of the cornetto trio to leave me disappointed.,   The cast for the film is fantastic, obviously we have Simon Pegg (Gary King) and Nick Frost (Andrew Knightly)who together with Director Edgar Wright just produce absolute gold. Supporting the two main characters we have the worlds greatest straight man Paddy Considine (Steven), the worlds greatest eyebrow raiser Martin Freeman (Oliver) and last the guy who is always at the side of the screen Eddie Marsan (Peter) who if im honest might be the most underrated character of the lot.  Its a solid main cast, all can be funny on their own and they have great chemistry when they are together. The storyline is simple, Gary King misses his youth and hopes to bring back his memories of his past by getting his mates for one last Pub Crawl.  But robots who aren’t called robots but are called blanks take over their home town.  Its up to the friends to uncover the secrets of the town and finish off the pub crawl that they never finished 20 years ago by finishing at The Worlds End. The plot is fairly straight forward, there’s no real change of direction and its a typical get to a certain place story line.  I could be critical and say it lacks real imagination but a complicated plot line isn’t exactly something Edgar Wright films rely on.

The flashbacks at the beginning gave you a sense of what  the character Gary King was missing in life.  He used to be “the King”, popular, a hell raiser, always having sex in disabled toilets and just getting drunk.  Fast forward 20 years and now he’s a loner and misses the past.  He’s a very deep character compared to other Edgar Wright main characters, on the outside he’s a fun loving excentric but inside he’s incredibly depressed.  The film as a whole felt like much darker and deeper feel to any of the other two movies.  Gary King is an alcoholic who also self harms although we don’t find this out until the very end.  It took a deep turn when it was revealed  and you genuinely felt sorry for him.  He was a loveable character, not only was he hilarious but you really felt you wanted him to have a good night with his mates.  The other characters were superb you could really tell they had chemistry, Edgar Wright was always good at making actors seem like they have known each other for years and in this film there were no exceptions.  The whole cast was hilarious, relaxed and they really sparked.  Praise must go to the cameos, from James Bond to cult British comedians who were expertly blended in.

The jokes were mostly funny, there’s a few that really didn’t work but the rest of the film makes up for the mistakes.  It was just so much fun to watch and the excitement of a blanks head being smashed off is extremely relieving.  Its probably the worlds first feel good dystopian film which in itself is a huge success. Despite the happy comedy nature of the film by the end you’re really taken back by the destruction of it all.  Take away our technology then wham you’re eating beans out of a can.  That’s the thing with Edgar Wright films, he never oversteps the comedy keeping it a sub genre.  Shaun of the dead is still a zombie film, Hot Fuzz is still an action film and this film is still a Sci-Fi.

In summary its just a really good film that puts a smile on your face and it can really make you laugh.  From a British point of view it just makes it that much more funny.  The British humour is fantastic and you can really relate to the film.  A great way to finish the trilogy and i really hope its not the last Wright, Pegg and Frost film we ever see.



2 thoughts on “The World’s End Review (Spoilers)

  1. Good review (I skimmed the spoilers). Saw these three guys the other night at an outdoor double feature of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (The World’s End was indoor – I couldn’t get tickets) here in Texas. Now I’ve got to get inside to see The World’s End.

    Thanks for sharing.

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