Has Russell Brand started a revolution?


Has Russell Brand started a revolution? His facts are right, his determination is there and his points are clear.  But can the public respond and will this revolution happen.  I dived into the Brand vs Paxman interview and pulled out the clear points for Brands wonderland and review his utopia.

Brand knows the revolution is coming:

“There’s gonna be a revolution. It’s totally going to happen. I ain’t got a flicker of doubt, this is the end.”

His determination is clear to see, he honestly believes a revolution will happen but the answer is if the public can respond.   If you want a revolution you need a majority view for the public.  In my opinion I honestly don’t think people are interested enough to “rise” or even understand a revolution.  Yes if most people saw the corruption and the total greed by our politicians then sure a revolution could happen tomorrow, but people are just genuinely happy about going on with their lives as it is.  We are under a right wing government at the moment; let’s not forget the majority of the public chose this, so how can we start a revolution when the majority is happy voting in conservatives?   It’s not going to happen soon, you need more support to start a dramatic change.  The French revolution did not start with a comedian asking the French to rise up.  It was the public themselves who rallied around.  I’m not saying Brand isn’t doing a good job, he is making the situation relevant to the public but he cannot do this alone, he needs to gather a group make some kind of party that people can recognise.  No single man can take down a government and as determined as Brand is he can’t do it without a majority support of the public. Am I saying Brand should start a political party?  Well why not, he is determined, he has the right ideas and he is very good as at gathering support.  He is also probably the only one with enough balls to take on the power house of the government.

“I mean I’ve taken the right. I don’t need the right from you. I don’t need the right from anybody. I’m taking it”

Is this a sign of the future, an “actor” in power, well if Reagan could do it why not Brand.  In this generation though it won’t happen soon, with the Daily Mail being one of the most read papers in Britain and its website being the most used for news related stories it will be a few years before a revolution hits the west.

Brand gives many good points to how the current system is not working.  I especially like his points about the current upper class government; all being educated at Eton and no one really representing the needs of the common people.

“When I was in that Houses of Parliament, it was decorated exactly the same as Eton and decorated exactly the same as Oxford. So a certain type of person go in there and thinks ‘this makes me nervous’ and then another type of people go in there and go ‘this is how it should be’. And I think that’s got to change now. We can no longer have erroneous, duplicitous systems held in place unless it’s for the serve…only systems that serve the planet and serve the population of the planet can be allowed to survive. Not ones that serve elites be they political or corporate elites and this is what’s currently happening.”

The Houses of Parliament does seem to be this mighty club that only certain people can join. Take the fact that most parties be it labour or conservative have some history of private education.  People are brought up with the same class mates, same environments, a large amount of wealth and most importantly have the same views which is why there really is no clear identification between the right and left parties in the UK.

Brand makes the point clear; the government is full of elites who will only serve the rich.  With most people in Parliament being brought up in wealth they cannot have any idea about the needs of the poor.  Brand claims that Parliament is decorated to suit the needs of the high class.  Claiming that any normal person would walk in and be scared where as someone with a rich background and an elite education would be comfortable.

Brand is right on so many levels; his facts are true and he is accurate at pointing the unjust in the system.  The only question that needs to be asked is if the world will follow him.  Even after a week of the interview there is still news coming out of it, Paxman agreeing with Brand, Brand at the Anonymous march in London and the social networking sites are still talking.  But will the mainstream give any attention to Brands socialist utopia?  It’s difficult because there’s been no real sign of any movement, yes its being talked on the social threads but until its top news it will never be taken seriously.  This is why he needs to keep doing the interviews, keep telling the public the wrongs in society.  Eventually people will listen and wake up but one interview will not do that.

It has been a major step for socialism but it’s still a distant hope for Brands ideas to become a reality.  People are noticing and people are speaking out but its not done yet and more needs to be done.

I’ll talk about Brands stance of voting soon I think, it’s a pretty interesting subject and one I take quite seriously.  Also Robert Webb has something to do with it so its definitely worth it.


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