Oasis finally on Spotify


On the 13th of January Spotify released all of the Oasis albums including its Greatest Hits.  This is one giant step for the music app which has also recently released albums of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Spotify last year hit over 4 million users and surely that number has risen in the past year.  Spotify is changing the way we listen to music, for me its my only source for music listening, the ability to automatically share and listen to anything you want with a simple click makes this app far superior to the likes of itunes and other music applications.  Although there is an elephant in the room.  Now im not talking about the £5, £10 or £15 you have to pay a month (which in my opinion is incredibly good) or even the common errors that can occur but i am in fact talking about the Beatles not being on it.

Yes the Beatles or any reference to them is non existence on the app.  This is for copyright reasons obviously but it is a massive disadvantage for Spotify.  However the recent releases of albums from great bands shows a sign that things are about to change.  I never really saw the Oasis albums being released so early especially after the recent release of Led Zeppelin.  So its pretty likely the Beatles will appear some time soon on Spotify.  Especially with the 50th anniversary coming so close.


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