Top 30 Blur songs – Introduction (also a rant about modern music)


Being born in 1994 made it pretty difficult for me to join in on the Britpop phenomena at the time.  I was more into the musical styles of Bob the Builder and the Teletubbies who at the time I believed to be a pretty decent form of music.  Move on 19 years and its 2014 and what are my options of music?  Well let me have a look and see who’s in the charts.  Hmmm okay let’s try a bit of Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – Timber. Hopefully it reflects my life so I can understand it better, hopefully it speaks to me, makes me think about life and the decisions I make, I wonder if there’s a deep meaning to it or if it has some really good instrumental parts.

-Listens to song-

There’s a reason why I listen to music from the 90s or even further back.  It’s not a feeling of nostalgia or of days that I remember.  It can’t be because I barely understood language or understood the meaning of music at the time.  It’s the fact it means something to me unlike the music I’m forced to listen to in my era.  Music to me has not changed.  I might as well be listening to Bob the Builder and the Teletubbies because this music in my generation sounds just the same.  I’m embarrassed for my generation.  Now I’m not saying we don’t have good musicians because we do.  The likes of Everything Everything and the Arctic Monkeys still give me hope in these dark days.  But it’s the fact that the majority of people my age are listening to the top 40 nonsense. I cannot relate to them, the songs I hear just make me cringe, I don’t want to dance to songs that humiliate women, or even songs about dancing in a club or trying to get laid. It’s just too fake and obnoxious for me.  This huge distaste for modern music has led me to take different paths in my life.

The Britpop era is something I crave, something I wish I was a part of.  It was British music at its best, British people could relate to it, it had deep meanings, it was all sex, drugs and rock n roll, it was chaotic, it was loud, it was the teenage generation of the 90s having there say in the world and it was all about true meaningful music being loved by the masses.  I wanted that, and to this day I still wish my Mum had a teenage pregnancy and had me in the late 70s. 

Blur have become one of my most loved bands. I have slowly fallen in love with them in the past 5 years and their appearance on the Brits a couple of years ago made me incredibly joyful.  (Though this was much to the distaste of many of ‘twitterers’ my age who complain that they sounded terrible because they were playing live…)  I saw them in Wolves just before they went on a reunion tour and it was an incredible experience.  Seriously if you want to go somewhere with an amazing atmosphere, brilliant raw music and absolute chaos then a Blur gig is just for you. 

So I thought it would be interesting to name my top 30 Blur songs (with honourable mentions here and there).  This is in my own opinion so there may be a few strange choices.  Expect a new song to be up every day or so (I’m not counting this day) depending on Uni work and also TK Maxx work which I entirely loath but that’s for another day.

I could have easily done a top 50 because there is just so much to choose from.  Blur are a band that really speaks to me.  Damon’s lyrics about falling out of love, drugs and other personal experiences make the songs that much more meaningful.  The sound was truly amazing too; blur never remained the same throughout their career.  Unlike other Britpop bands…..They started off a bit ‘Madchester’ and ended up experimenting with electronic and gospel music (thus the forming of Gorillaz).  The sounds Blur came up with became the sounds of a generation.  I just hope this top 30 justifies Blurs brilliance, in my opinion they are one of Britain’s most underrated band.


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