Blur Top 30. Number 30 – Miss America


Miss America is from Blurs Modern Life is Rubbish album released in 1993.  The song has such a brilliant mellow tune you can just sit around and listen to.  It’s mesmerising and just oozes smoothness, just a really great laid back tune.  There are few lyrics to read from but from what there is you can guess Albarn is talking about the differences between American and British girls.  It could be some reference to Albarn missing Britishness whilst touring America and how much he misses the UK.  The line “Here is here and I am here, where are you? Far away, far away.” Gives some indication that he’s stuck in America longing to get back to Britain to get back with his girl (most likely Justine Frischmann let’s be honest).

It’s such a golden rich tune and is just great to have on in the background.  Definitely a Barbeque song no question.  Just some top Blur trivia here but the person who shouts Michael at the start of the song is drunken drummer Dave.  Dave was left in the studio for a few hours just before recording. The rest of the band came back later and found him pissed up, sitting underneath a table, banging a chair leg against it and then he went on to scream out Michael!  Notably there are no drums in this song and now you know why. Bloody brilliant.

To listen to the song on Spotify click this link – Blur – Miss America


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