Blur Top 30. Number 29 – Bang


This is a bit of a controversial one, written in less than fifteen minutes and one that is almost never played live.  So why is it in this list?  “Bang” which featured on the band’s debut album Leisure in 1991 has rarely seen the light of day but just giving it a listen and its actually really uplifting and immensely fun to listen to.  It’s a real classic Blur song, “madchester” sounding drums and guitars and there’s a lot of similarities between this and “There’s no other way”.  It was a song that was made in response to the record company demands for another bankable single and you can probably see why with the repetitive verse “I don’t need anyone. But a little love will make things better.” But there’s no doubt it’s incredibly catchy.  Despite the lack of effort put into this song it’s surprising how good this song is, even though the lyrics were made in 15 minutes they are pretty relateable and meaningful.

The song to me says that you can get on with life without love, it doesn’t make a difference to the world if you’re in love or not. But having a little love is still pretty good.  It’s also about how you just get on with life “In and out of one ear”, life’s shit and boring we just get on with it.  I think this song is just trying to tell everyone that life is shit no matter what but as the song reminds us a little love can make things better. It’s unbelievable it’s off a debut really. In my opinion leisure is one of their better albums.

To listen to the song on Spotify click this link – Blur – Bang


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