Blur Top 30. Number 28 – Clover Over Dover


Clover over Dover featured on the Parklife album in 1994 which was one of Blurs most accomplished albums.  This song is fantastic, it has such a deep meaning to it and it sounds great.  The sound of the harpsichord that was actually played by Damon Albarn himself gives the song such a distinctive tune.  It coincides perfectly with the Johnny Marr like chords.

Graham Coxons echoing in the song is so good, i love it when he has his input into the vocals. The lyrics are incredibly deep, talking about jumping over the White Cliffs of Dover and just ending it all.  The reason for this is because the person in question is hopelessly in love with someone but they don’t seem to notice.  It’s something I think we all feel at a time in our life and Damon sums it up perfectly.  It’s obvious this guy is hopefully in love even enough to let this girl push him over (maybe a metaphor to say she can treat him as bad as she wants as long as she’s with him).   This guy would do anything to be with her and its worth jumping over even if he had one moment with her.

It’s pretty scary that this guy would commit suicide for love but then again I’m sure we’ve all been there.  The line “Don’t bury me I’m not worth anything” is such a depressing and saddening thing to say and obviously this guy is in a bad place.  Could this be a younger Albarn in a dark time of his life?  Despite this the song has an uplifting sound.  I really enjoy the chorus, it just sounds so smooth and flows so well, and it’s definitely something you’ll be singing all day.

Clover has never been performed live; it’s probably because the suicidal theme doesn’t fit Damon’s confident character when he performs live.  The song however is brilliant and is a firm favourite despite the out of character lyrics.

To listen to the song on Spotify click this link – Blur – Clover Over Dover


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