Lincoln named one UK’s happiest cities

The Lincoln News

Lincoln has been named one of the happiest cities in the United Kingdom as a company looked at the amount of smiles in photos.

The list was created by a company called JetPac who used their own photo app and social network, Instagram, to see how many people were smiling in photos.

They believe that a person smiling is the biggest sign of happiness; however the degree of a smile is taken into consideration. For example a grin won’t gain as high a score as someone with a wide smile. The software used looks at the amount of pixels in one persons smile.

Lincoln is the fifth happiest city with a score of 31.95, with Belfast leading the list with a score of 34.29.

JetPac looked at over 100 million pictures across 40 towns, observing several different things in the pictures.

Other than smiles, the app looked at women who…

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