Blur Top 30. Number 25 – You’re So Great


It’s getting really difficult to choose songs now, I adore all these songs and it’s becoming so hard to pick which I like more than others.  Any of these could be my number one, just because I’m placing this song at number 25 does not mean it’s my 25th favourite Blur song.  If you asked me in three days’ time what Blur song I like the best I might say this one, it all just depends on my mood at the time. Nevertheless I’ve picked my number 25 for now and it truly is a classic. 

‘You’re So Great’ is from the ‘Blur’ album which came out in 1997.  The album features the first song to appear on a studio album in which Graham Coxon not only wrote the lyrics, but also sang lead vocals.  It’s surprising it took this long for him to be the lead vocals in a Blur song because he really is a talent.  Not only is his writing style pretty realistic and meaningful but his singing too adds a bit of variety to the Blur sound.

This song sounds like its being played on an old record player; you can hear the static sounds and the pops when the record is being played.  It adds a real sense of nostalgia and it’s like listening to an old Bob Dylan song or something from the 60s.  I’m not sure if that was the aim but it did remind me a lot of 60s Bob Dylan blues rock music.  The acoustic guitar throughout the song is very reminiscence of blues rock; it’s a good tune to listen to alone in your bedroom blocking the outside world out.  It’s not in your face and it’s relatively calm and laid back.  The lyrics are what make this song; they’re expressive and talk about struggles in life.  It felt like Graham was waiting a long time to get this song out there on a Blur album and the waiting definitely paid off.

The lyrics are very deep, to me this song is about alcoholism and how you cope with it.  The band as a whole are well noted as being affected by drugs and alcohol throughout most of their time as a band.  This song is pointing out the influences of alcoholism and how possibly Graham himself coped with it.  There are a lot of arguments on the forums arguing if Graham sings “tea and coffee” or “GT and coffee”, I like to think its GT and many have supported this believing it means Gin and Tonic.  With that in mind the song is saying that Graham drinks alcohol along with his cup of coffee in the morning, obviously a sign that he is a heavy drinker.   Just reading into the lyrics show how good Graham is at song writing.  The lyrics “GT and coffee, shaking all the way.” suggest Graham used to be in such a state he was shaking because of the alcohol.  It’s a truly chilling thought of poor little Graham shaking like that.  He goes on to say “City’s alive and, surprise, so am I”  I really like this lyric, it’s as if he’s saying he’s not bothered to be alive, when he says surprise so am I it’s as if he’s being sarcastic.

Graham tells of this mystery person who is helping him “When you tell me it’s OK, Cos you’re so great, and I love you.” This person is with him through his alcohol addiction and he is truly thankful for it.  They tell him everything is going to be fine and all Graham can think is how great they are and how in love he is with them.  It’s a really sweet and beautiful song with a lot of sadness yet a light at the end of the tunnel.  Grahams telling us that he suffered heavily from alcoholism but he had someone to help him and he loves them for it.  It’s a great first song by Graham and I’m annoyed he didn’t get more chances to perform lyrically before 1997.  In all it’s a brilliant tune and is truly beautiful.


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