Blur Top 30. Number 24 – Young and Lovely


So I haven’t done this top 20 blur songs for a while now, the main reason is because I haven’t really been motivated to do a post for so long.  As I’ve said before I’m not the most motivated so I’m very inconsistent when it comes to making regular posts.  I could make a post every day for a week but then never post for another month.  I can’t really explain it but at least I still haven’t given up on this.  Anyway enough about my dull life let’s get on with this top 20.

I first heard the live version of this track when it was performed at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in 2012.  I never knew it existed before they performed it and it was a real shock to how good the song was. ‘Young and Lovely’ was originally on the B-side of Chemical World released in 1993.

I adore this song; it’s so soft, beautiful and has some great pacing to it.  It has that early blur feel, the piano in the background and the occasional solo guitar bits from Graham.  It has that repetitiveness vibe to the track that sticks in your head, the lines “You can get what you want, so young and lovely” really stay with you a while after the song has finished.  It has that real Britpop feel, it brings in the sounds of early Britpop similar to that of Oasis and Suede.

I love the lyrics in this song too, recently Albarn said he didn’t really get them when he was younger but now that he’s matured into a father the song has a whole new meaning to him. It captures growing up so well, it’s about going out for the first time and telling your parents you’ll be fine and you’re growing up.  It’s about growing out of that childhood phase; you’re no longer a kid anymore as you’re going out late and you’ve grown tired of those ‘passive games’.

“Young & Lovely” was hailed as one of the greatest “lost tracks” by Q in 2007.  If you’re looking for that cool relaxed blur vibe then this is the song for you. In my opinion its best heard live but nevertheless it’s still a remarkable track no matter what version you listen to.


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