God Bless Fred Phelps


Now before I get the hate mail, the dog shit though my letter box and the constant crap let me say this, I in no way support the views of Fred Phelps or the views of the Westboro Baptist church (WBC).  He was and his followers are horrid spiteful people and Fred Phelps is one shitty git. 

However, rather than to state my joy at a dead man I just wish the Phelps family my best wishes and may Fred Phelps rest in peace.  Why on earth am I saying this????    Well it’s simply because there’s no better way to beat hate then with love.  Cringy and incredibly corny I know but it’s true, this is how I feel about the situation.  The Phelps family have been spreading their vicious, religious bullshit for several decades now, this includes; protesting at soldiers funerals, telling homosexuals to go to hell, telling the Jewish population that they are the devil and in all being right pricks.  If you want to know more about this crazy radical family then you must check out the Louis theroux documentary. (Oh look here’s the link for you; please don’t tell the BBC http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtfgxo_the-most-hated-family-in-america_shortfilms) In this Louis explores the twisted and brainwashed minds of the WBC, watching them protest and understanding why they hate so much.  The Emperor Palpatine to this whole thing was Fred Phelps, through him he was able to brain wash his family and set up the Westboro Baptist church.  You find out a lot about this family and seriously it’s worth a watch, especially now as Fred Phelps is now plant food.

So why am I giving my best wishes to this ‘James Blunt’?   Well I do this because I know this is what the WBC needs the most; they need a bit of kindness because they feed off hate and with every ounce of hate they just get bigger and stronger.  Let’s show them what a loving world this is and let’s be as nice to them like Ned Flanders on Christmas.  The WBC hates the world because they are scared of it, they don’t like change and they are frightened to accept it.  If we show them that we are a loving kind race I’m sure it will drive them mad.  You have to understand that these people are brain washed from a young age; they don’t know the real world.  If we send them flowers, chocolates and other lovey dovey stuff then it’s gonna be the last thing they expect from a world they think is hateful.

Hate solves nothing; Fred Phelps taught us that, if we learn to take pity on the WBC then maybe they won’t get as much attention and maybe they will no longer exist.  Look at the WBC as these tortured brain washed souls that aren’t allowed to have normal lives.  We can make up meme’s and celebrate his death but it won’t solve anything.  I’m not religious in any way possible but Jesus is probably my favourite hero.  He taught one thing and that was love.  So let’s hit back at the WBC with as much Jesus love as possible; they seem to like him a lot so maybe that’s some mutual ground we can start off on.

So to Fred Phelps I say God Bless your soul and I hope you make delicious worm grub.  I love you and your family to bits.  (Even though you’re all a bunch of Kuwaiti Tankers).  There’s a story about this ex KKK leader who used to terrorise this black priest.  The priest was so nice to him that the KKK member stopped bothering him and since turned his back away from the KKK.  (Here’s the link to the story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldWf5Yj-RnI).  Love works against hate so let’s love the Westboro Baptist Church as much as possible and RIP Fred Phelps.


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