Blur Top 30. Number 23 – Battle


Battle was released on the “13” album in 1999 and is the longest song on the A-side going on for nearly 8 minutes.  The song is quite representative of the album as a whole.  The song just like the album is very electrical heavy, experimental and is significantly darker than the rest of Blurs’ earlier work.  In my opinion this song is a hit or miss for most Blur fans but for me I’m totally sold.

This song just shows that Blur is not just this average Britpop band but that it can venture into other genres.  Unlike Oasis who (I know I might get some crap here) played it relatively safe and kept to their own genre, Blur changed as a band and it was wonderful to hear such experimental sounds.  This song has heavy drums, electrical influences and it is vastly different to what Blur originally were in the early 90s.  The tune is great, it has experimental sounds that work well together and in my opinion are similar to the works that bands like Muse would later produce.  I really like where the song takes you, it’s heavy and is impossible to ignore.  If you’re a Gorillaz fan you’re most likely going to love this track.  It’s without a doubt that some of the later songs made by Blur where just a lead up to the creation of Gorillaz and this song is one perfect example.

For most of this song it is just about the instrumental parts but this shouldn’t distort what a great song this is.  Lyric wise we don’t have much to figure out what the songs about but it’s worth me guessing anyway.  This could be about Damons difficulty with fame or just life in general.  Battle could be some reference to the break up with Justine Frischmann as he was in a constant battle with her.  It might also be relevant to Damons battle with drugs and alcohol or even the rift within the band itself.  I think this song is open to many interpretations and you’re only going find out if you do end up being immensely lucky and asking them yourself.  Be assured that if by some twist of fate and I do end up talking to Damon I will reveal all.

This is a Marmite song; you will either love it or hate it.  The experimental aspect of this song wins it for me,  you wouldn’t get this sound with any other Britpop band and this song proves that Blur went above and beyond.


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