Richard Keys has a public Twitter meltdown

The power and cruelty of Twitter has again taken the mentality of another sporting celebrity.  This time ex-Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has become the target of mass Twitter abuse.  The meltdown ensued during the late hours of June 23rd.

At 23:06 Keys tweeted this:

“There is a big difference between banter and abuse. I did hope it would not to that but I will pursue legal action towards the abusers.”

Followed by this 2 minutes later:

“It has been confirmed by my solicitors that anonymity will be revoked for all abusers. This is going to be my practise from now on.”


It would appear that Keys got frustrated with another twitter user over a tweet about Madeleine McCann .The tweet is believed to be of a photoshopped Daily Mirror front page, with Mr Keys face on the front with the headline ‘Face of Maddie suspect’.   The tweet was directed at Mr Keys in which he retaliated by threatening legal action.  Keys has faced mass abuse via Twitter ever since he resigned at Sky Sports over sexist comments he had made.  However this seems to be the final straw and Keys is hitting back with legal action against abusers.  Has Keys lost the plot? Twitter can be a horrible place but all he seems to be doing is feeding the trolls.  Richard Keys should understand that sometimes its best to just ignore the abuse rather then react to it.

Keys has been haunted by the infamous ‘banter’ interview where he judged his sexist actions as just banter.  Now it seems this banter has come back to hit him hard.  Banter vines are covering my twitter feed and there is no where to hide.  Is this just banter or is it something more serious, only time will tell.



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