Comic Con Trailer Run-down

So it’s that time again where nerds from across the globe rejoice in all that is geek culture.  This years comic con was a huge success and maybe proving to be the most exciting and hyped convention to date.  These conventions used to show fans one or maybe two teaser trailers a year but now you’d expect several four minute trailers, a behind the scenes, a cast Q+A and trailer breakdowns by all your favourite Youtubers.  We are getting a greedy bunch but we will always have that desire to find out as much information as possible before the films hit our screens. Take Suicide Squad for instance; that film won’t be out until August 2016 but already we’ve seen the full cast, a trailer and have already witnessed Jared Leto’s Joker.  Now we have to wait more then a year for the thing to come out and there’s not much more to show us apart from the movie itself.  
Anyway, rant over, lets get to the trailers themselves.  What was good, what was bad and what is there to get hyped about?

Suicide Squad 

The Good
Every character seems perfect for their role, most notably Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  I don’t think you could have casted anyone better and the fact that now big name stars are willing to take up superhero films suggests we’ll be getting some seriously exciting performances. The story also looks quite strong, at first setting up a film that follows bad guys doing good guy stuff seems wrong but the trailer seemed to make a good excuse for the narrative.  Basically if you send the bad guys on a suicide mission you can’t fail because you’re not risking anyone who is deemed a hero and if anything goes wrong then they can be blamed.  At first I was unsure about the whole plot but now i’m sold.  
The Bad
When the first pictures of Jared Leto’s  Joker surfaced the internet there was a huge sway in disapproval.  People didn’t like the tattoos, he looked too over-the-top, he seemed to amateur and et cetera. Now with less then 5 seconds of screen time everyone has changed their opinion immensely.  Now people love his look and the way he is being portrayed.  This is the kind of nonsense that fan bases can have.  For me i’m staying pretty neutral on the whole Joker thing; I can see where it can work and I can see where it could fall flat on its face.  I’ll keep my opinions on Leto’s performance quiet until I see the credits roll.   The trailer itself was pretty good overall apart from one little mishap.  It seems to still be hanging onto that Christopher Nolan type Batman feel.  Although the Nolan films were masterpieces it would be nice for the franchise to divert into its own style.  I’m pretty tired of the long black fades and the inception like music, lets have something a little less serious and a bit more fun.

Excitement rating – 7/10

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Good
Batman looks incredible and is our very first depiction of Frank Millers cruel and viscous Batman.  We see in the trailer how he has branded a criminal with a batman logo and we see how determined and hurt Bruce Wayne is.  The story looks exciting too, we see Batmans motivations and why he wants to take down Superman.  There are clear motivations for both characters which before seemed very unsure.  DC is doing extremely well to compete with Marvel and  this trailer shows how much they have learnt from their mistakes in the past.  There’s real tension in this film and DC is going all in with this risky yet fantastic story line.
The Bad
I’m still not sold on the whole Wonder Woman cameo and I would much prefer a stand alone origin story before she is brought into this universe.  Just dragging in characters too keep up with the avengers  seems very rushed and it would be ideal for characters to be established on their own before they are banded together.  I’m still not a fan of Zack Snyder directing and I find his use of colour and shots fairly boring and dull.  I didn’t like Superman in the slightest and i’m unsure if i’ll be fully on board with this film.  Although his addition of Batman is a massive success i’m still cautious about how the film will play out.  I am however thankful that they are recognising that Supermans fight with Zod did cause immense damage and that it will play a main part in the film.

Excitement rating – 8/10

Star Wars Episode 7: Behind the Scenes

The Good
Although this isn’t a trailer you could say that this is almost as good as one.  We see that finally the film is going to use real animatronic effects that made the original trilogy such a success.  There is a sense of magic and wonder that has not been seen since the original.  The prequels brought an almost plastic feel to the saga but thankfully this film seems to take it back to its original real roots.  We see real life explosions, freaky looking aliens and as Mark Hamill says “It’s as if noting has changed.”.  This is the way it should be and hopefully we see a nice blend of modern film technology mixed with traditional physically effects.
The Bad
There’s not much to point out and suggest is bad because we only get snippets of the film.  From the behind the scenes its difficult to find something that I don’t agree with.  It would be nice to get to know these new characters rather than referring back to the old ones.  Yes we love the original cast but we want to know about this new batch of heros and get to know them a little more before we go into the film.

Excitement rating – 11/11

X-men: Apocalypse

The Good
We go back to the James McAvoy Professor X timeline as we’re set to what is the sequel to Days of Future Past.  I am a huge fan of the X-Men franchise and to see that Bryan Singer is again directing is a brilliant sight.  We join the fight between Professor X and Magneto as again there is a struggle for power.  We’ll be seeing the origins of our original x-men including the introduction of Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, Jubilee, Angel and Jean Grey.  I’m hugely excited for this film and it’s great how they were able to fix the dying franchise.  Apocalypse seems like a great terrifying villain who is supposedly one of the first mutants ever discovered.
The Bad
Although i’m excited for the introduction of old characters i’m not totally sure the casting really works.  One caution I have is Sophie Turners portrayal of Jean Grey, in the trailer her accent seemed very poor and it would be a shame to have that going through my mind whilst watching the film.  It’s probably down to me watching Game of Thrones too much and just being used to her English accent but i’m not totally sold on her character.

Excitement rating – 8/10


The Good
Ryan Reynolds is pretty much Deadpool himself just without the cancer.  The trailer looks fun, humours and silly just like Deadpool should be.  Thankfully they have ignored the wolverine origins story and have instead decided to start again with the character.  Oh and this is an R-Rated film!  There was a time where this was being pushed for a PG rating but thankfully common sense prevailed and the producers decided to give it the R-rating it needs.
The Bad
Hopefully they keep it silly and stay away from anything serious.  It just needs to be full of sex, violence, swearing, killing and comedy.  If it can check off all of that then you have a perfect Deadpool film.

Excitement rating – Way too much


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