Beginners guide to: Playing the Ukulele

Young male musician sits and plays a ukelele. Backlighting, dark background, copy space, horizontal.

After a few lessons you can look just as cool as this guy…maybe…probably not

The brilliance of learning to play the ukulele is that it’s not like a guitar or piano where it can take months to learn and the cost of lessons can be expensive.  It’s one of the cheapest and easiest instruments to play and you can be an expert in a couple of weeks. 

The instrument, which takes up very little space, is the perfect start if you ever wanted to get into music.  Lessons are not  needed and it’s easy to learn quickly by experimenting with the instrument yourself or by following YouTube tutorials.  The Ukulele Anthem music video by Amanda Palmer depicts perfectly how rewarding it is to play and how easy it is to pick up and learn.

The cheapest of ukuleles can cost as little as £15 in most music stores.  Despite the cheap price tag the sound they produce is delightfully cheerful.  Most come in bright sunny colours which suit the sound of the instrument.  Some players put their own designs on them and decorating the instrument can be almost as fun as playing.

However, some ukuleles are made with fairly low-priced wood so don’t expect to have one lasting more than a couple of years.  If you have large hands then you may be in trouble, the D chord can be quite a challenge for some but after a few attempts you should be fine.

Despite its minor issues this cheap and easy to play instrument gives you hours of fun and entertainment.  If everyone played a ukulele the world would be a happier place.  To learn more about the instrument visit or watch the video below.


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