Anti-racism protesters take to the streets of Lincoln to condemn the EDL march

Protesters travelled from Kind Bar to the City Square.

Around 100 people marched down the High Street of Lincoln in protest against fascism and racism as part of a counter demo against the EDL.  The march which began from Kind Bar saw protesters travel towards the City Square where demonstrators chanted anti-racism songs and gave speeches to the public.

The protest aimed to show that Lincoln was united against racism and that the beliefs of the EDL against the Muslim community is unjust. Spokesman for the anti-racism demo Nick Parker said:

“We do not support the EDL. We have to come out and exercise our democratic rights.”

“We are asking people to say no to the EDL coming back this year. They have been saying that the problems are due to Muslims. It is not, it is caused by low pay and people waiting on the council waiting list for a home.   We stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims. We stand united.”

The police recorded no arrests and the protest was completed peacefully.  Both the counter demo and the EDL protest were kept away from each other to avoid any disruption.  The EDL protest was staged at the Cornhill and demonstrators stayed there for an hour.

Check below for the gallery of the counter-demo


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