The English Defence League marches through Lincoln

The right-wing group the English Defence League marched through Lincoln in protest against the construction of a £1.5million mosque set to be built in the city.  Around 120 protesters were in attendance as they made there way from the Blue Anchor pub to the Cornhill where they stayed for an hour.

Despite the abusive language and the disruption of traffic by the protesters the march was completed peacefully.  The protest which was similar to the one in January 2014 saw protesters waving English flags and chanting  “no surrender” and “burn the poppy, burn the mosque”.

Speeches were made at the Cornhill in the city centre by various EDL spokesmen, including one by Canadian EDL supporter  Kelli Fritz.  Many speakers expressed their anger with one saying “We will fight! We will keep it! And if need be we will have a Civil War!”  Only a few minor incidents occurred during the protest and there were no reports of violence.

The protests caused many stores to close for a short period of time with many owners complaining about the large amounts of income that they would be losing out because of the demo.  Although the protest lasted an hour it’s expected that some stores could lose hundreds of pounds.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Superintendent Stuart Morrison said he was grateful for the co-operation of the public throughout the police operation.  He also said that as part of the East Midlands Police Collaboration, officers from a number of forces were deployed to ensure the protests passed off peacefully.  It is estimated that up to 200 police officers from across the East Midlands came to the city to monitor the protests.

Check below for the gallery of the EDL March


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