Who should play the next Han Solo?

Han Solo is set to get his own feature-length film in what will be a prequel to Episode 4: A New Hope.  In no time at all Disney have already announced that the Han Solo film is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the men behind the hugely successful Lego movie.  However, no mention of who will be playing the legendary criminal has been announced as of yet.  Here I give you my perfect list of who should take over the iconic role…

GQ Men Of The Year Party - ArrivalsAaron Paul

The Breaking Bad star is a fan favourite and has sent the rumour mill into overdrive after the Star Wars official Twitter account started following him.  He even took a screen shot of the moment saying “dreams are coming true.” Unsurprisingly he is the favourite for the role according to bookmakers.  The only issue I have is that Paul is 35-years-old, around the same age as Harrison Ford when he stared in A New Hope.  Of course make-up could make him look a bit younger but I would prefer the story to centre around a young 20’s Han Solo.  In my opinion Aaron Paul is on the wrong side of 30 and they need to be searching for a younger actor.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson2Aaron Taylor-Johnson-3

The English 25-year-old is the star of Kick Ass and has recently appeared in the latest X-Men film as Quicksilver.  He’s a regular on the big screen and can take on big central roles like he did in Godzilla.  The actor also has an impressive American accent so fans shouldn’t worry about our beloved dirty smuggler being portrayed as a posh pompous English guy.  He could easily slip into the role as Han Solo but has he got the suave and rebellious personality to pull it off? Only time will tell.

Chris_Pratt_-_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_premiere_-_July_2014_(cropped)Chris Pratt

He’s got the look and he has the charisma but can Chris Pratt take on what would be the biggest role in Hollywood?  Pratt has already been highly regarded as the next Indiana Jones and he rocketed to fame as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Starlord is in essence the same as Han Solo so Pratt should have no trouble in the role.  However, as with Aaron Paul, age is a big obstacle.  Pratt is 36-years-old and is clearly too old to play a younger version of Han Solo, with him likely to play Indiana Jones in the future I think Pratt would be unmoved with missing this role.

Logan Lermanlogan_lerman_2013_005

Lerman is by far the youngest on this list with the actor only turning 23 earlier this year.  Many will say he’s inexperienced and is too baby-faced to play the iconic role but everyone starts from somewhere.  Lerman was brilliant in Fury and despite his young age he has been in several major block busters already.  On film he is seen as that shy guy with anxiety issues but it would be great to see a young Han Solo start off as an innocent kid and end up becoming the outgoing criminal as we all know today.  It would make an interesting character arc and give us a different perspective on the character of Han Solo.  He’s probably not everyone’s favourite but he would make an interesting Han Solo.

'Sin City : A Dame To Kill For' Premiere - 40th Deauville American Film FestivalMiles Teller

Okay so he looks nothing like a younger Han Solo but Aaron Paul isn’t exactly a spitting image of Harrison Ford.  This guy is a great actor as seen in Whiplash and has been in Sci-fi films before such as Divergent and the new Fantastic Four film.  He has a bit of that boyish charm and could pull off the smugness of a younger Han Solo perfectly.  Teller could be that next big star in Hollywood and he has the acting chops and charisma to pull of a great and realistic young Han Solo.

'Une Promesse' Photocall - The 70th Venice International Film FestivalWILD CARD – Richard Madden

Yes that is Rob Stark.  And yes his last role was as Prince Charming in a Cinderella rip off, but this guy is brilliant and could be a great Han Solo.  He looks a little like Han and has the charm and roughness to play him.  I have no idea if he can do a good American accent but he is British and pretty much any one who is British can do a spot on American accent. He is very unlikely to get the nod but it would be a bold and in my opinion a fantastic decision by Disney to cast him in the spin-off.  He has great acting ability, has a presence on screen and deserves a stab as being the main character in a Hollywood film.


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