Censorship is Destroying the Best Content on YouTube


YouTube seems like a simple format.  Make a 5 minute video, upload it and receive heaps of money.  Well in reality it’s much more complicated and ruthless.  There’s no doubt that many YouTuber’s can make a very good life out of making content for YouTube.  In fact the most powerful and biggest content producers have made millions from uploading their content.  However, the smaller, most entertaining and most genuine side of YouTube is being destroyed and the sole culprit is YouTube itself.

Ethan the creator of h3h3productions uploaded a video entitled “CENSORSHIP ON YOUTUBE“.  In the video he announced that his most popular upload “kissing pranks video” (a parody and commentary on the popular YouTube prank channels) was recently removed from his channel.  For the most powerful of YouTube’s a removed video is not a problem and does nothing to their multi-million bank accounts.  However, for Ethan and many other smaller YouTube’s a removed video can be a catastrophe causing the content creators to lose out on most of their revenue.

H3h3productions is a fantastic and raw channel with a passionate fan base of 150,000 subscribers. However, continued censorship is killing the channel and others like it.  Appealing against a removed video can eventually lead up to a channel ban preventing any more videos being uploaded onto the channel. Many appeals never result in the video being allowed uploaded again and the risk of a channel ban is too much for some YouTube’s.

Censorship does nothing but cause pain for small time YouTube Channels.  It is stopping new YouTube content coming through and is killing off raw and original content on the site.  We need some censorship on YouTube but when companies like Fullscreen take advantage and abuse the censorship regulations against smaller channels then their is a serious problem. In the future we will end up with a YouTube that is owned by big businesses out to make a profit and filled with unoriginal content.  Although with every Buzzfeed video about Americans trying new foods and the hell which is prank videos this future is already a reality.


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