The Demise of Comic Books

This is a piece I did for a magazine project back in the summer 2015 and I completely forgot I made it.  It’s a bit of a rushed feature but it’s interesting to see my views on the comic book film world back then.  In a year since I wrote this piece we’ve had a ton of hits like Deadpool and Antman but we’ve also had huge flops like Fan4stic and Batman vs Superman.

I might do an updated version on this to see where we are now one year into the whole super hero phenomena.  I’m going to see Captain America Civil War on Friday so I may do a review on that and maybe update my views on comic book films as a whole.  For however enjoy this little piece from 2015 me.  

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Starting again…

It’s been too long since I last posted on here, mainly because of my work commitments but also because I’ve lacked the motivation to be creative in my own time.  There’s been a ton of stuff I could and probably should have written about but the world of adulthood isn’t as free and stimulating as I once imagined it would be.

I’ve not been in a great place recently and I had some pretty shitty news today that’s kinda bummed me out.  But life goes on and I can’t stay mopping around waiting for happiness to come around.  If you want to be happy you have to put in the effort.  I’ve come to learn that if you want to achieve happiness you need to work for it.  If you’re going to sit in your room all day regretting past decisions and feeling lousy over failure you won’t get that dream job, you won’t make friends, you won’t get enjoyment and you won’t get that self-appreciation that we all need to feel.  You get out of life what you put in and I think it’s time I do something about it.  Writing is one of these things I need to put more effort into doing and it genuinely makes me happy.  I write for work doing a financial blog occasionally (yes I know, how the hell did I end up doing this?) but it’s not something I can be myself.  This is where I need to let out my emotion and writing this right now makes me feel pretty good.

Let’s set myself a target.  One blog post every week and see what happens.  This could yet again be a broken promise but let’s give it a go.

Censorship is Destroying the Best Content on YouTube


YouTube seems like a simple format.  Make a 5 minute video, upload it and receive heaps of money.  Well in reality it’s much more complicated and ruthless.  There’s no doubt that many YouTuber’s can make a very good life out of making content for YouTube.  In fact the most powerful and biggest content producers have made millions from uploading their content.  However, the smaller, most entertaining and most genuine side of YouTube is being destroyed and the sole culprit is YouTube itself.

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The Great Pride and Sacrifice of Lincolnshire

During the early 1900’s Lincolnshire was seen as a peaceful farming county famous for its agricultural manufacturers and luscious crops.  When war broke out in 1914 the county didn’t keep to their restful nature, instead the seemingly hushed part of England pulled out all the shots to help with the war effort.  The war changed the area forever, it’s believed around 18,000 Lincolnshire people sacrificed their lives in the Great War and with that we get many tales of heroics and pain.

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The peaceful city that gave birth to the greatest war machine in history


World War One began on July 28 1914 and the impact of that war is still being remembered to this day .  One place in particular not only helped turned the tide of the war into the allies favour but altered future warfare forever.
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