Blur Top 30. Number 20 – There are too many of us

If writing this top 30 list wasn’t difficult enough Blur just go ahead and make another fantastic album.  Thanks Damon you’ve just caused me a massive head ache.  It’s been a year since I last added to this list and I never really expected another album to come out. This list may need to be tweaked a little bit but I’m sure I can make space to put some of the new tracks into it. Talking about new tracks number 20 is ‘There are too many of us’ from the new album ‘The magic whip’ released in 2015.

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Blur Top 30. Number 21 – Song 2


For some this might come as a surprise. It’s without a doubt this is Blurs most successful of tracks. Even reaching the shores of America and becoming successful over there. An extremely rare occurrence for a Britpop band or even any English band of the 90s. Even Oasis struggled to gain a foothold in the States, though they could have easily taken the states by Storm if it wasn’t for a break up in the band during their US tour. No second guesses about the two people who couldn’t see eye to eye. Blur however achieved some success in the US; the track became something of a hit on the US grunge scene and was even used extensively in commercials, films and TV. However the popularity of the song must have come to some surprise of Damon and the band, with little to no effort actually being made to produce the song. Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 22 – M.O.R


Released in 1997 MO.R was on Blurs fifth studio album ‘Blur’. This is such a great tune and most of the song is sampled from the brilliant song ‘Boys keep swinging’ by David Bowie.  It’s not entirely a copy and at least Blur put their own spin onto the song.  It’s fast paced, energetic and just makes you want to jump into a mosh pit.  Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 23 – Battle


Battle was released on the “13” album in 1999 and is the longest song on the A-side going on for nearly 8 minutes.  The song is quite representative of the album as a whole.  The song just like the album is very electrical heavy, experimental and is significantly darker than the rest of Blurs’ earlier work.  In my opinion this song is a hit or miss for most Blur fans but for me I’m totally sold. Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 24 – Young and Lovely


So I haven’t done this top 20 blur songs for a while now, the main reason is because I haven’t really been motivated to do a post for so long.  As I’ve said before I’m not the most motivated so I’m very inconsistent when it comes to making regular posts.  I could make a post every day for a week but then never post for another month.  I can’t really explain it but at least I still haven’t given up on this.  Anyway enough about my dull life let’s get on with this top 20.

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Blur Top 30. Number 25 – You’re So Great


It’s getting really difficult to choose songs now, I adore all these songs and it’s becoming so hard to pick which I like more than others.  Any of these could be my number one, just because I’m placing this song at number 25 does not mean it’s my 25th favourite Blur song.  If you asked me in three days’ time what Blur song I like the best I might say this one, it all just depends on my mood at the time. Nevertheless I’ve picked my number 25 for now and it truly is a classic.  Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 26 – Good Song


First I’d like to apologise for not being here as often as I said I would.  My target of a post everyday was a little over exaggerated and at the moment it’s more like one a week.  My motivation is lower than a sloth on a Sunday so it’s no surprise I wasn’t able to keep it up. Continue reading