RIP Being Human

BBC3’s biggest and most accomplished show has come to an end.  After 5 seasons the cult British comedy horror has said its final goodbye after a huge climatic finale.

The story of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in a house in Cardiff with each other caught the attention of many.  It wasn’t just a horror it dealt with social issues like drug abuse and depression but also had a warmth and charm that no other show could replicate.   The first 3 series were about the characters George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell (Aidian Turner); the relationship between the 3 was incredible.  You could really see the characters connect and you felt like you could relate to them easily.

Every single character seemed interesting, they all had and fascinating story and background which viewers wanted to know more.  Each episode was packed with emotion, tension and blood; it was entertainment at its best. Hour long episodes didn’t seem enough, the viewer wanted more, the story never got old and the plot twisted like Nemesis at Alton towers.

The main plot is them trying to be as human as possible moulding into the normal world despite their problems. It was also very exciting and gory; it was an incredible horror film with bumps around every corner and plenty of gory scenes of blood and violence.  It was a horror, comedy, drama and action all rolled into one.

It also made vampires cool again, ever since the near death of the vampire genre by Twilight vampires have been seen as a joke.  It was only until the likes of Being Human did vampires become the incredibly scary and frightening monsters they are.  Being human has the vampires mauling people on trains and once again making them seem pure evil.

Despite a huge cast change half way through, the show continued to have a huge success and became a cult favourite.   The show also made the careers of many actors and actresses including Aidian Turner who’s in the hobbit, Russell Tovey who stared in Sherlock and Lenora Crichlow who was recently in Charlie Brookers’ Black Mirror.

It’s incredibly sad to see such a great show go.  This was original British BBC 3 drama to be proud off and to give it such a crude stake in the heart seems a bit wrong.



A show that you never knew existed


Before IT Crowd and before any of the Mighty Boosh there was Darkplace.  What is Darkplace?  Well it’s probably the biggest mind f**k in existence.

It stars Richard Ayoade (YES IT ACTUALLY IS HIM), Matt Berry, Matthew Holness and Alice Lowe.  This was Richard Ayoades directing debut and an impressing one at that.  Though it only lasted a single series in 2004 and never saw more than 6 episodes. It is now lost in TV history and hardly anyone remembers it, but it really should be remembered for generations to come.

Darkplace is a spoof on an unearthed 80’s horror TV show, complete with poor production values, awful dialogue and hilarious violence. It’s set in a Hospital in Romford, which is situated over the gates of Hell.

It stars Garth Marenghi (played by Matthew Holness), an Author, dreamweaver, visionary plus actor who is show casing his TV series Dark place.  He introduces Darkplace with a little introduction where he sets the tone reading a segment from one of his many horror books.  He is one of the few authors who have ‘written more books then read’ which gives you some idea of how the introduction goes.

The show of Darkplace is one of outrageous parody, awkward humour and most importantly 80s hair.   Its comedy is like no other on TV, it have moments of Airplane!, tones of Mighty Boosh, influence of Brass eye and it’s typical of the weird, strange and alternative comedy of the modern age.

It is a typical “WTF” show many will love and adore it but others will really hate it and find it too strange to handle.  It’s surprising it was ever commissioned, it’s so over the top, outrageous and way ahead of its time it was a gamble that didn’t prove to pay off for Channel 4 with low viewing figures.  But over the years it has gathered a huge cult following.  And petitions are on-going to record a second series.

The show has so many famous faces including, Stephen Merchant, Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and even Graham Linehan.  It seems that it was set to be a hit with the cast who was on board but it seemed to just fade from existence never to be mentioned again.

The Brits 2013


The Brits went off without any problems at all.  Some would say it was a “live” television success for many involved in the show. There we’re no outbursts, no one cut off in the middle of a speech, all performances went on without hitches and most importantly it was in no way controversial.

So was this the worst Brits ever?

This is British music at the moment, no fun, no controversy and immensely boring.  The Brits should be out of control, crazy and should make us proud of British music.  Instead we were left with an empty feeling thinking that we’d lost our rock and roll. Embarrassingly the only worth watching bit was when Dave Grohl made what was an awkward cameo appearance.  Oh and he’s American if you didn’t already know.

So what were the highlights?   Well err there was that moment when I think there was some singing.  There was definitely some singing.  There is nothing to take from the Brits, so we get a few performances that’s it.  The awards have run there course and are now nothing more than a way for advertisers to get money.  The only way people can become interested in the Brits is if it relaxes more.  Let’s admit it, we all wanted to see One Direction off their heads on lemonade but they were too calm and boring.  It’s as if the Brits are embarrassed of their former self and they want to start new page, like a recovering alcoholic. And to be honest drunken people are much more fun to hang round with then sober people.

So the Ben Howard situation.  It was quite clear that it wasn’t a great year just from seeing the nominations for all the awards. In past years the likes of Ed Sheeran (who as a singer for teenage girls still seems a half decent guy), Arctic Monkeys (who i should like more…but i don’t) and Oasis (who are just amazing) have won the newcomer award.  The difference with them and Ben Howard is that at least some people knew them before they were mainstream, no one actually knows Ben Howard and it’s unlikely he will go as popular or as mainstream as the rest.  We have enough solo male guitar singers and i don’t think everyone ones another, just gets repetitive.  And the fact he won best male too?!  This is an award won by the likes of David Bowie, Paul Weller and yes Robbie Williams (despite being a cock is a bloody good entertainer).

Maybe its just British music taking a rest for a bit, or more likely the people who give out the awards just really like guys who play acoustic guitars.

The Vaccines are boring


Does anyone like the Vaccines? Because im pretty sure we can mostly all agree that they are quite boring and quite repetitive. So why did their second album ‘Come of Age’ get to number 1 on the UK Album Chart?  Yer that did happen.

I should like the Vaccines, they are targeted at me.  They are indie, British and talk about some random social dilemma of the current day.  But wow they really are the most boring band to come out of the UK since brace yourself…Coldplay, yes Coldplay.  In fact I’d much happily listen to Coldplay then the Vaccines any day.  I mean at least Coldplay had one guy that we could call a prick, even if we hated him he was something.  But with the Vaccines who can you hate, no one because no one knows who they are.  Does anyone know the name of a single band member; has any one even seen them off stage?  They really have no personality; they lack any controversy and are just so boring.  You will hear that a lot.

The songs are possibly the most repetitive thing since Dave started to rebroadcast old Top Gear episodes.  It’s the same repetitive tune after another.  Albums full of songs you can’t tell apart.  The vocals by *looks up google* Justin Young are pretty dull, from all the songs his vocals stay the same seeming eerily unhuman.  Maybe that’s a good thing, but it lacks life an emotion like when you mess around with a Siri and it never gets angry just constant emotionless speech.

Im probably just annoyed I was never alive in the punk era and I never existed in the 80s, but come on be controversial.  They lack any controversy at all, if you’re arguably the biggest indie band in Britian and you haven’t made a song about how the Queens the devil and the conservatives are a bunch of pompous arses then you are missing the point of being a British rock star.

I think the thing about them is they seem too safe.  They seem too clean cut, too friendly most annoyingly being the band Radio 1 uses to “reach to the indie masses”.  They have a “posh” background but that’s no reason to have such a dull sound.  Other bands are quite posh and get away with it look at Everything Everything.

I could be coming off to harsh here but im kind of disappointed that bands like the Vaccines get attention when so many lively and brilliant bands go unnoticed.  I think we’re just in a bit of a low at the moment as British Music is concerned.  Just as a side note, im really not looking forward to this year’s Brit Awards.