The Demise of Comic Books

This is a piece I did for a magazine project back in the summer 2015 and I completely forgot I made it.  It’s a bit of a rushed feature but it’s interesting to see my views on the comic book film world back then.  In a year since I wrote this piece we’ve had a ton of hits like Deadpool and Antman but we’ve also had huge flops like Fan4stic and Batman vs Superman.

I might do an updated version on this to see where we are now one year into the whole super hero phenomena.  I’m going to see Captain America Civil War on Friday so I may do a review on that and maybe update my views on comic book films as a whole.  For however enjoy this little piece from 2015 me.  

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Are trailers showing us too much?

Can a trailer show us a little bit too much?

Can a trailer show us a little bit too much about the film?

Trailers can create huge anticipation while also exciting a whole mass of fans and audiences.  Take the trailer for Star Wars Episode 1; fans flocked into cinemas in late 1998 not to watch films but to see the Star Wars trailer.  Trailers can be as highly anticipated as the film itself.  With the creation of YouTube audiences can now watch lengthy trailers on demand as soon as they are released.  But is there a point where a trailer can ruin the experience of watching a film? Continue reading