Who should play the next Han Solo?

Han Solo is set to get his own feature-length film in what will be a prequel to Episode 4: A New Hope.  In no time at all Disney have already announced that the Han Solo film is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the men behind the hugely successful Lego movie.  However, no mention of who will be playing the legendary criminal has been announced as of yet.  Here I give you my perfect list of who should take over the iconic role…

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Is there such a thing as a genre of Journalism?

Journalists have been at the centre of many films be it in comedies or in historic dramas. However, can it be claimed that Journalism can sit alongside the action and horror genres and be defined as a film genre of its own? Continue reading

Should a superhero film win the Academy Award for Best Picture?


In 2014 we saw a total of four superhero movies on the big screen, these included; Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Three of these films were astonishing pieces of cinema and we’re received immensely well by audiences and critics alike (ignoring the Amazing Spider-Man 2, that film just sucks).  Superhero films in 2014 showed us how critically good they can be, not only that but we’re soon to get more in the next few years and expect the bar to rise again.

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Did making three Hobbit films actually work?


One thing you have to point out before talking about the debated success of the Hobbit films is how good the Lord of the Rings film adaptations were.   All three films can stand on their own perfectly, there’s no need to watch them all collectively from beginning to end.   For example my favourite Lord of the Rings film is the Two Towers.  It follows a simple story narrative and you can watch it without feeling you’ve missed something vitally important.  Continue reading

Birdman movie review


In five years’ time we will look back and see Birdman as that film where Michael Keaton made his sensational return to the big screen.  When you look back on this film you won’t be remembering the plot or the characters but you’ll just remember the performance of Keaton.  That’s not to discourage the film itself, it would make a fantastic film without Michael Keaton in the starring role but that’s not why most people want to watch this. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy movie review (No Spoilers)


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most unknown comic book adaptations of the Marvel franchise.  Fans (me included) had not heard of these guys at all until the first trailer was released. Can we accept this new band of heroes or was this a step too far for the Marvel film franchise? Continue reading

The 5 must see films to be released in August 2014

Here I’m giving you guys my personal top 5 films that will be released in cinemas next month.  Hopefully this will make it easier when you’ve gone old school and planned a date to the cinema but you have no idea what’s coming out.  Or even when you’re in town during next month and you fancy watching a flick.  This guide will help you decide what films you must see and what films you should probably give a pass to.  These are just my personal opinion and I have no idea if these films are going to be any good or not.  I’m just basing this on what films look good in the trailers and what makes me excited to go watch them.  When I go watch the actual films I’ll be sure to give my review and I’ll see if my predictions we’re correct.  But enough of the writing let’s get on with the must see movies of August 2014.

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