Should a superhero film win the Academy Award for Best Picture?


In 2014 we saw a total of four superhero movies on the big screen, these included; Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Three of these films were astonishing pieces of cinema and we’re received immensely well by audiences and critics alike (ignoring the Amazing Spider-Man 2, that film just sucks).  Superhero films in 2014 showed us how critically good they can be, not only that but we’re soon to get more in the next few years and expect the bar to rise again.

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Guardians of the Galaxy movie review (No Spoilers)


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most unknown comic book adaptations of the Marvel franchise.  Fans (me included) had not heard of these guys at all until the first trailer was released. Can we accept this new band of heroes or was this a step too far for the Marvel film franchise? Continue reading

The 5 must see films to be released in August 2014

Here I’m giving you guys my personal top 5 films that will be released in cinemas next month.  Hopefully this will make it easier when you’ve gone old school and planned a date to the cinema but you have no idea what’s coming out.  Or even when you’re in town during next month and you fancy watching a flick.  This guide will help you decide what films you must see and what films you should probably give a pass to.  These are just my personal opinion and I have no idea if these films are going to be any good or not.  I’m just basing this on what films look good in the trailers and what makes me excited to go watch them.  When I go watch the actual films I’ll be sure to give my review and I’ll see if my predictions we’re correct.  But enough of the writing let’s get on with the must see movies of August 2014.

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Are trailers showing us too much?

Can a trailer show us a little bit too much?

Can a trailer show us a little bit too much about the film?

Trailers can create huge anticipation while also exciting a whole mass of fans and audiences.  Take the trailer for Star Wars Episode 1; fans flocked into cinemas in late 1998 not to watch films but to see the Star Wars trailer.  Trailers can be as highly anticipated as the film itself.  With the creation of YouTube audiences can now watch lengthy trailers on demand as soon as they are released.  But is there a point where a trailer can ruin the experience of watching a film? Continue reading