The English Defence League marches through Lincoln

The right-wing group the English Defence League marched through Lincoln in protest against the construction of a £1.5million mosque set to be built in the city.  Around 120 protesters were in attendance as they made there way from the Blue Anchor pub to the Cornhill where they stayed for an hour.

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Anti-racism protesters take to the streets of Lincoln to condemn the EDL march

Protesters travelled from Kind Bar to the City Square.

Around 100 people marched down the High Street of Lincoln in protest against fascism and racism as part of a counter demo against the EDL.  The march which began from Kind Bar saw protesters travel towards the City Square where demonstrators chanted anti-racism songs and gave speeches to the public.
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The Great Pride and Sacrifice of Lincolnshire

During the early 1900’s Lincolnshire was seen as a peaceful farming county famous for its agricultural manufacturers and luscious crops.  When war broke out in 1914 the county didn’t keep to their restful nature, instead the seemingly hushed part of England pulled out all the shots to help with the war effort.  The war changed the area forever, it’s believed around 18,000 Lincolnshire people sacrificed their lives in the Great War and with that we get many tales of heroics and pain.

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The peaceful city that gave birth to the greatest war machine in history


World War One began on July 28 1914 and the impact of that war is still being remembered to this day .  One place in particular not only helped turned the tide of the war into the allies favour but altered future warfare forever.
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