Birdman movie review


In five years’ time we will look back and see Birdman as that film where Michael Keaton made his sensational return to the big screen.  When you look back on this film you won’t be remembering the plot or the characters but you’ll just remember the performance of Keaton.  That’s not to discourage the film itself, it would make a fantastic film without Michael Keaton in the starring role but that’s not why most people want to watch this. Continue reading


Guardians of the Galaxy movie review (No Spoilers)


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most unknown comic book adaptations of the Marvel franchise.  Fans (me included) had not heard of these guys at all until the first trailer was released. Can we accept this new band of heroes or was this a step too far for the Marvel film franchise? Continue reading

The Grand Budepest Hotel Review


This film is a piece of delicate clock work, everything is so well put together and it runs so smoothly. Wes Anderson films have always been ones to look good to the eye and this is no exception. It’s like looking inside a clock; you see all the mechanics working together to produce something mesmerising and wonderful. Everything is placed perfectly and literally every shot is a piece of art. Continue reading