The Demise of Comic Books

This is a piece I did for a magazine project back in the summer 2015 and I completely forgot I made it.  It’s a bit of a rushed feature but it’s interesting to see my views on the comic book film world back then.  In a year since I wrote this piece we’ve had a ton of hits like Deadpool and Antman but we’ve also had huge flops like Fan4stic and Batman vs Superman.

I might do an updated version on this to see where we are now one year into the whole super hero phenomena.  I’m going to see Captain America Civil War on Friday so I may do a review on that and maybe update my views on comic book films as a whole.  For however enjoy this little piece from 2015 me.  

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Did making three Hobbit films actually work?


One thing you have to point out before talking about the debated success of the Hobbit films is how good the Lord of the Rings film adaptations were.   All three films can stand on their own perfectly, there’s no need to watch them all collectively from beginning to end.   For example my favourite Lord of the Rings film is the Two Towers.  It follows a simple story narrative and you can watch it without feeling you’ve missed something vitally important.  Continue reading

The 5 must see films to be released in August 2014

Here I’m giving you guys my personal top 5 films that will be released in cinemas next month.  Hopefully this will make it easier when you’ve gone old school and planned a date to the cinema but you have no idea what’s coming out.  Or even when you’re in town during next month and you fancy watching a flick.  This guide will help you decide what films you must see and what films you should probably give a pass to.  These are just my personal opinion and I have no idea if these films are going to be any good or not.  I’m just basing this on what films look good in the trailers and what makes me excited to go watch them.  When I go watch the actual films I’ll be sure to give my review and I’ll see if my predictions we’re correct.  But enough of the writing let’s get on with the must see movies of August 2014.

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Blur Top 30. Number 23 – Battle


Battle was released on the “13” album in 1999 and is the longest song on the A-side going on for nearly 8 minutes.  The song is quite representative of the album as a whole.  The song just like the album is very electrical heavy, experimental and is significantly darker than the rest of Blurs’ earlier work.  In my opinion this song is a hit or miss for most Blur fans but for me I’m totally sold. Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 24 – Young and Lovely


So I haven’t done this top 20 blur songs for a while now, the main reason is because I haven’t really been motivated to do a post for so long.  As I’ve said before I’m not the most motivated so I’m very inconsistent when it comes to making regular posts.  I could make a post every day for a week but then never post for another month.  I can’t really explain it but at least I still haven’t given up on this.  Anyway enough about my dull life let’s get on with this top 20.

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The Grand Budepest Hotel Review


This film is a piece of delicate clock work, everything is so well put together and it runs so smoothly. Wes Anderson films have always been ones to look good to the eye and this is no exception. It’s like looking inside a clock; you see all the mechanics working together to produce something mesmerising and wonderful. Everything is placed perfectly and literally every shot is a piece of art. Continue reading

Blur Top 30. Number 28 – Clover Over Dover


Clover over Dover featured on the Parklife album in 1994 which was one of Blurs most accomplished albums.  This song is fantastic, it has such a deep meaning to it and it sounds great.  The sound of the harpsichord that was actually played by Damon Albarn himself gives the song such a distinctive tune.  It coincides perfectly with the Johnny Marr like chords. Continue reading