Who should play the next Han Solo?

Han Solo is set to get his own feature-length film in what will be a prequel to Episode 4: A New Hope.  In no time at all Disney have already announced that the Han Solo film is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the men behind the hugely successful Lego movie.  However, no mention of who will be playing the legendary criminal has been announced as of yet.  Here I give you my perfect list of who should take over the iconic role…

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Comic Con Trailer Run-down

So it’s that time again where nerds from across the globe rejoice in all that is geek culture.  This years comic con was a huge success and maybe proving to be the most exciting and hyped convention to date.  These conventions used to show fans one or maybe two teaser trailers a year but now you’d expect several four minute trailers, a behind the scenes, a cast Q+A and trailer breakdowns by all your favourite Youtubers.  We are getting a greedy bunch but we will always have that desire to find out as much information as possible before the films hit our screens. Take Suicide Squad for instance; that film won’t be out until August 2016 but already we’ve seen the full cast, a trailer and have already witnessed Jared Leto’s Joker.  Now we have to wait more then a year for the thing to come out and there’s not much more to show us apart from the movie itself.  
Anyway, rant over, lets get to the trailers themselves.  What was good, what was bad and what is there to get hyped about?

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My Idea for the new Terminator Film which quickly became a rant on reboots and sequels

ImageAccording to The Sun Newspaper Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in a new Terminator film to be released in 2015.  Though it’s not yet clear if these will be sequels, remakes or even prequels of the already existing Terminator Films.  It would be a huge surprise and if I’m honest an upset if they decided to reboot the franchise.  It would seem dishonorable to the first two films, rebooting an already great and legendary franchise despite the huge disappointment of the 3rd and 4th films.  It would be like George Lucas rebooting Star Wars (for a moment let’s all imagine the hell of that), if you reboot a franchise audiences immediately forget the originals and the legacy they had is tarnished.  It’s no hidden secret that reboots make money, just a quick glance at how much the superhero reboots like Spiderman and Superman bring in and you can see why it’s ever so popular. Continue reading